Plays for Young Audiences 

Three young people in a classroom playing pretend under a pink piece of fabric.

The Journey to Me:
A Sea Dragon Adventure

Chronicles the story of Sea Dragon as they swim the ocean wide to try to find their purpose in the big blue sea.

Created in direct partnership with the Pre-K class of Prince Jonah Kūhiō Elementary School 

Production History:

Self Produced and available at:

Glowing golden pendant with a star imprint on a blue background.

Star Stuff

Lola is made of star stuff, and when the stars welcome her into the universe she must decide to join them or leave her best friend Sofia behind. 

Production History:

Girl's Bathroom Confessional

Thrust into the "hallowed" halls of St. Judicious all-girls high school, Hope must not only navigate a new school but also new social challenges when internet usage has been cut off, and she's a brand-new target of public ridicule. Unite and revolt or bolt? 

Production History:

Play Festival - September 2020
Official Play Selection - Play Festival 

Plays for Older Audiences 


When We Were Young

Nostalgia can be a bitch, especially when bring back things you’d rather forget. Kayli would rather nostalgia be skateboards, laughter, and extracurriculars hid from her father –good times with her best friends. For Diana, however, forcing Kayli to recall how things really were, instead how Kayli imagines them to be, may be the key to her survival.  

Production History

Video Game Performance Experience (Digital Theatre)
Late Night Theatre Co. - Fall 2020 (November 20-22)


Happy Divorce

When Victor returns home from college, he finds his world a bit more topsy-turvy than he previously left it. 

Production History

New Works Festival - Spring 2020 
Late Night Theatre Co. 

Play Festival - September 2020
Official Play Selection - Play Festival 

The Supernatural Intervention of the Callow Burrows Twins 

The Burrows Twins have been feuding over a year, and driving their partners insane in the process. To help speed up the process of "healing" Colton and Mimi devise a surprise intervention. Colton takes it up a notch with a supernatural surprise of his own. Will they reconcile and reunite or remain feuding and callow forever? 

Production History