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Watery Background

A Sea Dragon Adventure

Target Audience: 0-6 years old 
Digital Cast Size: ~ 12 (flexible)

Length: ~ 30 min 



Created via a yearlong partnership with the Pre-K UHMCC satellite classroom at Prince Jonah Kūhiō Elementary. Students helped to craft the movement and story of our sea creature friend the Sea Dragon.
The story that was created centered Sea Dragon figuring out where they "fit" in the ocean. Along the way they meet a bevy of sea creature friends of all shapes and sizes in all ocean zones, until they realize that they are indeed awesome just the way they are! 




Students imagine their own version of a sea creature/dragon and explore the ocean of their classroom.


Teaching artist and students start to explore the movement of waves.

TQ 6

Teaching artist and students explore the emotions of the waves.

TQ 7

With glow orbs in hand students start to explore the unknown of the ocean floor.

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