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Teaching Artist 


Teaching Philosophy 

General Practice...As a teaching artist, my practice is centered in student-led guided storytelling techniques. These storytelling techniques combine creative and social-emotional movement, and tableau to integrate their current vocabulary and educational standards to create beautiful, vivid, and unique experiences that work to create connections between the artistic and reality. Whether we are using stories we are familiar with, like The Three Little Pigs, or exploring a brand new story, students can identify feelings in themselves and others, creatively solve the problems of our key characters, and make bold, brave choices with their bodies and voices to really bring the story to life. Above all else, we use these techniques to build community and understanding of each other. Encouraging young people to think creatively with other people in mind can be a tightrope to walk from time to time, but allowing them to space to think outside of their own brains and consider the ideas and feelings of others is a wonderful and gratifying journey to build with them.


Classroom Management....By building a space that is student-led with firm boundaries and expectations of safety and behavior. These boundaries and expectations often begin by either creating classroom contracts or creating a specific set of beginning rituals that get us ready for learning and play (this often includes physicalizations and vocalizations so we are quicker to remember what we need to have in order to have fun) By creating these rituals and contracts, it ensures that the classrooms I get to share with these students fill with an abundance of creative energy and curiosity because we know how to keep ourselves and each other safe and we know the expectations when we overstep that boundary. I also always instill in my classrooms that expectation and that even if we overstep we can always try again. With rituals and/or contracts in place the classroom space then becomes a space filled with curious, exciting, creative energy that comes with creating a safe space to learn and play in. 

Ultimate Goal... My primary teaching strategies being and end with theater, thus my overarching message always circles back to the power of community. I work to instill and emphasize that most great things are created not by the genius or power of one person, but by the collective and creative actions of many people. I work to manifest this message by always turning ideas back to the group and working to combine as many of those ideas into our creative play as possible, and then turning it back to them again by encouraging them to build on each other's ideas to make something even more incredible. Our minds and ideas ARE great but they are only made greater by listening to and honoring the communities that nurture and bolster those ideas. 

To conclude, I am a teaching artist with an ever-evolving style and practice, and I am only made better by remembering that my "why" begins and ends with community-centered, student-driven creativity. 


Lesson Plans 

Pre- K Sample Lesson Plan Packet
Creative Drama

Elementary Curriculum Infusion
Grade 5


101 Level TYA Course - College

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