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Teaching Artist 


Core Tenants &
Educational Philosophy 

  1. Center students' voices, creativity, and ideas thoroughly in each lesson -- giving ample space for input, discussion, and point of view. 

  2. Establishing the collaborative connection between all the artistic practices by incorporating facets of visual art, music, virtual media, and dance/movement in every lesson.

  3. Continually and consciously include theater and performance that are outside of the Western cannon/lens.

  4. Centering play as a central medium for learning, problem-solving and growing -- especially for our youngest learners. 

  5. Empowering students and communities to take back theatrical and artistic spaces  and continue to create spaces that may have not previously been open to them.

Lesson Plans 

Pre- K Sample Lesson Plan Packet
Creative Drama

Elementary Curriculum Infusion
Grade 5


101 Level TYA Course - College

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