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The Supernatural Intervention of the Callow Burrows Twins

Target Audience:  College/Community

Cast Size: 5 
Casting Note: The actors who play Mimi and Colton also play Richard and Helena 

Cast Breakdown: 3 female presenting; 2 male presenting

Length: ~ 60 min


Tired of the ongoing feud between their lovers, twins Evelyn and Charlie, Mimi and Colton take matters in their own hands and arrange an intervention. Things go awry when the meeting that Colton arranged has supernatural interference and consequences beyond their comprehension. Can the twins come together to an put differences aside for the sake of their familial line, or is all hope lost at the mysterious, mystical hands of Madame Norvina.

Development/Production History

Playbuilder's PlayFest 2021 | Festival Selection

Honolulu, HI (Read-It-Yourself Release)

(January 12 - January 31st) 

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