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The Supernatural Intervention of the Callow Burrows Twins

Target Audience: College - Adult

Cast Size: 5

Cast Breakdown: 3 female presenting (2 mid 20s-30s; 150+)/ 2 male presenting (mid 20s-30s)

Length: One Act | ~70 min


Evelyn and Charlie have been feuding for over a year, and their partners Mimi and Colton haven't the faintest clue why. Fed up with the prospect of never hanging out again Colton stages an intervention. Little does he know the mediator is one of supernatural proportions. Once the veil is lifted hijinks and revelations ensue. Will the twins resolve their differences and will all that's been done be undone? 

*Available for licensing on New Play Exchange*

Image by Dollar Gill

Production History

Playbuilder's PlayFest 2021 | Festival Selection

Honolulu, HI (Read-It-Yourself Release)

(January 12 - January 31st) 

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