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Gray Tiles
Gray Tiles

The Girl's Bathroom Confessional

Cast Size: 7
Cast Breakdown: 1 transgender actor/5 female presenting/identifying actors)/1 open age and gender

Age Range: 16+ | Intended Audience: High School - College

  Full Length (90 - 110 minutes)


With the intentions of an overbearing school board, intent on returning order back to Prudence Prep, an all-girls school, the students are already under duress. When a trans student enters the picture, however, things get even more complicated and heinous. After being separated from the throng and forced into an abandoned bathroom "for her own safety," Hope and her only ally Alexis, discover "confessions" of their peers and peers' past that reveal just how deep this nasty culture runs. Instead of revenge, they decide to provide refuge for others, giving them kindness where it was obviously lost, in hopes that it can turn the school around. But with the machinations of the shady School Board and the spineless Administration pulling the strings of zealous Christina, who thrives off being aligned with this power, can the Confessional enact kindness effectively?

*Available for licensing on New Play Exchange*

Playbuilder's Play Festival 2020 | Festival Selection

Honolulu, HI (digital/streamed)

Director: Taylor Bogan

Sound Production/Editing: Kayla Bogan 


Hope: Katyana Spruth

Administration: Catherine Restivo

Christina: Alisa Boland 
Lexi: Jorin Young

Nora/Iris: Hi'ilani Lily Okimura 

Kate/Elena: Victoria Kashiwai

Ana/Akilah: Charlotte Carne 


Playwright's Roundtable | Kansas City Public Theater

Kansas City, MO (2023)

This piece was chosen to be developed in collaboration with other playwrights in the Kansas City Metro Area for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024! 

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