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When We Were Young

Target Audience: College-Adult 

Cast Size: 5

Cast Breakdown:
1 white female presenting, 1 BIPOC female presenting, 1 male presenting (any race), 2 any race, open gender


Gaslight. Girlboss. Gatekeep.
A funny meme, to be sure, but not so funny when it involves you, your best friend, and life in prison on the line. What lengths would you go to protect yourself from the truth you've been trying to hide for the better part of your young adult life? Who would you step on to keep that under wraps?  These are the waters that Kayli and Diana have been navigating, and have come back full force as Diana is trying to obtain the freedom that has been stripped from her. All Kayli has to do is tell the truth. Can she do that or will she retreat back to who she was at seventeen, just trying to protect her own skin? 

*Available for licensing on New Play Exchange*

Production History

Late Night Theater Co. | Fall 2020

Video Game Virtual Production 

Director: Thea Wigglesworth

Game Developer: William Cole

Artist: John-Goodnight Hahn

Environmental Design: Allie Miller

Animator: Laurie Turner


Kayli Spencer - Rosalie Paglia 

Diana Peterson - Ruth Santos

Voice #1 - Sherry Pataray

Voice #2 - Nathan Drackett

Voice #3 - Ben Walsh 

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