Smiling girl in a green shirt with curly brown hair, purple glasses, and her arms crossed in front.


I'm Kimberlee Stone! 


I am a playwright, teaching artist, and theatre-maker (currently based out of Omaha, NE).

As a playwright, I create plays for, with, and about communities using creative drama, creative movement, as well as traditional storytelling/playwriting methodology/structure. 

As a teaching artist, I collaborate across theatrical/artistic disciplines making sure that all facets of theatre are represented in all the work I create and do. 

As a theatre-maker, I work to reimagine what theatre can be from page to stage (and beyond). I work to create a holistic experience, emphasizing the art form as a community endeavor that should reflect where theatre has been and where it can go. 

I believe in the power of the creative and performing arts and its ability to shape and reconstruct the way we see the world and how we want the world to be. Finally, I strive to never exhaust the ways I can continue to learn from and alongside my students, educators, and theatre-makers.